Sunday, 25 October 2015

Halloween at the Highland Club



Halloween at the Abbey, the Highland alternative to Hogwarts…

The summer is over autumn has arrived and winter looms in the distance, it’s October, one of my favourite festivals is on the calendar, Halloween or An Samhain. In old Irish/Scottish Celtic days there were really only two seasons, Summer and Winter, the ancient Celts celebrated the change of the seasons with the “Feast of Samhain” a modified version of which many now celebrate as Halloween, Hallows' Eve and also All Saints' Eve.

Abbey Supervisor leaving work via unconventional transport
Why not spend Halloween or Samhain at the Highland Club in Fhithich apartment or one of our many other rentals in the spooky yet beautiful converted Abbey on the shores of the mystical Loch Ness, complete with grotesque gargoyles to keep those pesky evil spirits away. All guests are invited to spend the evening of 29th October enjoying some spooky story telling with mythical tales of fairies, Gods, Saints and Demons, for a most magical Highland Halloween Holiday. 

Gargoyles in the Cloisters at The Highland Club
During Samhain the gateway to the spirit world is effectively unlocked and ajar, at its weakest. At this time many souls of dead relatives and ancestors will try to pass through the door to walk the earth and visit their families. However because of this open door great care must be taken lest unwelcome unruly spirits should also enter through it. Fires and Turnip lanterns would be lit, and masks warn to ward off any evil spirits and demons, who might enter the mortal world to wreck harm and bring tragedy upon the living.

Ghosts in the cloisters, Photo by Mr Jack Torrance

Meanwhile Toothie the Abbey Cat will parade the outside. Wellies and Swords disguised as Umbrellas may be dotted about the entrances, these are for him to don at the first sign of trouble.

We will barricade ourselves in The Club Lounge and tell stories to while away the evening and frighten each other half to death. The teller of the most frightening story will be deemed to require exorcism by administration of a glass of single malt.

See you there, make sure you are on the right side of the portal? Ah yes the Club Lounge I hear you say…..but is it? How can you be sure??

Presently we have availability for this event in Monastery 17, Moat House 10, and Cottage 5.

Gather the Clan at the Highland Club..
Loch Ness and the Highland Club from Glendoe
The Highland Club is a great place for gathering the Clan and meeting up with extended family members, mums, dads, brothers, sisters, in-laws and out-laws, and celebrations of all kinds. Here we have a wide range of cosy Cottages, majestic Monastery Apartments and the beautiful Chapter House with it large dining table that seats 10, all within a short walk of each other where you can enjoy some quality time together, or retreat and relax on your own (if they get on your nerves) if it all gets too exciting, there’s plenty to do to keep everyone occupied both at the Highland Club and in the outlying areas.
Courtyard Cottages for the perfect vacation at the Highland Club
Most local restaurants also cater for larger parties for when you all want a night out together, in particular the Boat House Restaurant in the grounds of the Highland Club has the most stunning view of any restaurant around Loch Ness. If you would like to rent two or more properties together you can book direct with Highland Club Scotland or contact us for a quote.

If you have not booked yet, there are last minute bargains to be had.
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Thursday, 27 August 2015

All work and no play...

We are pretty much booked out at the moment at the Highland Club, so we recommend you book for a late summer or autumn break if you want to see the Highlands in all it's glowing glory this year. We have another stunning property back on the rental market, Fraser Monastery 14 which has amazing views of the loch and Highland Club Buildings, decorated to a very high standard and looks like an old hunting lodge.

Make time for yourself book your retreat at the Highland Club Scotland escape from the rat race and recharge your batteries, Check out our special offers at  www. for last minute bargains.

View from Glen Doe over Loch Ness, towards the Highland Club
The mushroom season is upon us and if the conditions are right may last until the frosts come, the later the better. Although many species can be found all year round it’s usually at this time fungi in general really start to get going. Popular edibles such as the popular Boletus Cep – or Porcini as the Italians know them and the bright wavy flutes of Chanterelles can be found in many places around the Fort Augustus area, including the Highland Club grounds - If some eagle eyed forager doesn’t get them first you may be able to pick your own for breakfast. 
Cantharellus cibarius or Chanterelle is commonly found in Birch woods

The Highland Club grounds is one of the least midge infested places I know of round here, due to the constant gentle breeze blowing down the Glen I expect, which is handy as it does make a good fishing spot beside the Loch and a great base to go foraging from!

Resident swan on Loch Ness

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Visit from the Easter Bunny

I'm late, I'm late....

Easter was bustling at the Highland Club and we had a full house which brought the place to life. Especially exciting for the children on holiday was having an Easter quiz and Egg hunt around the gardens with the giant Easter Bunny who happened to hop out of one of the many rabbit holes and pay us a visit, I half expected to see Alice running after him too.

The local Church Choir came in to sing Easter hymns and songs in the Atrium which brought together guests, owners and locals alike to enjoy the spectacular acoustics that reverberates around the old church, a very enjoyable evening. 

If you were to late and missed out on an Easter vacation have a look at our range of properties and book your bunny hunt vacation for 2016 here!

Sail Loch Ness on Google Earth Street View

If you’ve never been and ever wondered what Fort Augustus Abbey or Loch Ness looks like you should 1) Book a vacation apartment at the Highland Club, or 2) Sail round Loch Ness with the help of Google Earth street view and local boat skipper Marcus of Cruise Loch Ness.

The new virtual boat tour of the most famous lake in the world takes you from Fort Augustus all the way to Loch End, taking in the landmarks and scenery including some beautiful shots of the Abbey from the water. Being out on the water gives you a fantastic perspective of the area topography, with views down the Great Glen in all directions. Other sights en-route include, Urquhart Castle, Boleskine House, the Caledonian Canal to name a few.

Google first brought their infamous cameras to Loch Ness last year although Marcus tells me the first Google team apparently went around the Loch with their camera lens on the wrong way round and they recorded no footage at all, thankfully the second team were a bit more switched on and you can see the results here…

Scottish Motor Bike Trials

Scottish 6 day trials start Sunday, 3 May 2015 at West End Car Park, Achintore Road, Fort William, Highland, UK.

This event has been running since 1909 and attracts competitors from all over the world to tackle the difficult course and terrain on their off road trials bikes. It makes for exciting viewing not just because of the crazy and difficult course these guys/girls ride but also because of the spectacular backdrop of stunning mountain scenery, an exciting event well worth checking out even for non-motor bikers.

This Month also sees the first round of the Annual Scottish Bike Trials Championship begin on May 24th at Glen Nevis Visitor Centre, Fort William, Kinlochleavan on the west coast of Scotland, then at Fort William for two days 6th-7th June, and round 3 at Killin on 27th June. 

These events welcome spectators so make a date in your calendar and book your apartment at the Highland Club in advance!

Monday, 2 March 2015

Spring into Action....

Daffodils at Inverness Castle

 Spring is in the air and the daffodils snowdrops are pushing through around the village and there are lambs in the fields. It wasn’t a bad winter really, a little temperamental when we get snow rain hail wind sun and warmth - all four seasons in one day - but I soon forget the bad weather once the sun shines. The rapidly changing weather and light makes for some very dramatic scenery and photographic backdrops so take advantage of the amazingly moody atmospheric landscape.  

Grab your walking boots and camera and escape to the Highland Club where we offer the most unique range of apartments from which to explore the Highlands from.

 Frosty morning over Borlum Bay, Loch Ness

Ben Nevis, Loch Linnie and the Fort William to Kyle line
On your Bike  
It’s time to dust off the winter cobwebs and get on your bike and raise some funds for charity, Visit to find out how to enter the 2015 Loch Ness Charity Cycling event on Sunday 26 April which takes you along a 66-mile / 106-km route right around Loch Ness in a timed cycle challenge. Starting and ending beside the River Ness in Inverness and passing through Drumnadrochit, Fort Augustus, Foyers and Dores. Not for the faint hearted and some training is required to compete, get some tips from their website  Spectators are welcomed and expected to gather en-route to show support for this great event for a great cause.
  Cycling round Loch Ness

Easter Songs at the Abbey

Easter is just around the corner and we are expecting a lot of guests to spend their break here at the former Abbey, there’s no shortage of bunnies at the Highland Club, there may also be an egg hunt or two around the village. The Local Church of Scotland Choir will be singing on Easter Sunday right here in the beautiful Atrium, any guests wishing to join in are more than welcome. For other services please take a look at the links below.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Romantic Hideaway at the Highland Club

If you are looking to escape with your lover for the ultimate romantic break look no further than the Highland Club, we still have a small selection of cosy intimate luxury holiday apartments left for rental. Please check out our property portfolio today at:

The chilly season has brought us some snow here at the Old Abbey in Fort Augustus and for a change the Village has been blanketed long enough for us to enjoy it. So often we see the snow on the hilltops but rarely does it settle for long lower down so it was nice to see Guests and Staff (er in their own time Boss) around the Abbey amusing themselves sculpting a snow nessie, and even doing a little sledging.

Fort William Mountain Festival 18th-22nd February 2015

A great opportunity for those of you who yearn for something more exciting than building snowmen is a series of 1 Day Winter Skills and 1 Day Guided Walks to the Summit of Ben Nevis for anyone who would benefit from the skill of a highly trained qualified mountaineer to guide them. The dates are as follows:  7th February , 21st February, 7th March , 21st March 2015. Organizers state that Aonach Mor may be used for the skills day due to the advantage of the ski lift to higher altitude, more details available here: and check out their blog for some fantastic photos. More guided tours walks and climbs are available at

Fort Willam, Ben Nevis and Glen Coe, have become the outdoor capital of the UK and the area attracts visitors from all over the world to engage in pastimes such as mountaineering, skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking. It’s not just for hard core adrenaline junkies though, there are more sedate ways to enjoy the area and marvel at this breath-taking landscape, with plenty of walks through the glens, which are not so strenuous.

Inverness Fiddler's Rally - Saturday 21st February 2015 
The Fiddlers Rally provides both a visual and a musical spectacle with the tartan-clad performers giving it their all in this musical highlight.

Inverness Half Marathon & 5k Fun Run
 Promising fun, fresh air and fitness in Inverness! On: 08/03/2015Entry is now open for the 2015 Inverness 1/2 Marathon and 5K Fun Run, until midnight on 17 February. Go here to enter

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Christmas and Hogmanay at The Highland Club Loch Ness

Today is the winter solstice and the shortest day of the year leading us into the Festive season and through the dark winter nights into the spring, hurray! We are getting excited, the decorations and trees are all up and the Highland Club is looking cosy and sparkling with Christmas bling and will soon be filled with children and families here to enjoy the festive season. The Abbey lends its self perfectly to this seasonal celebration and is the perfect place to stay and indulge yourselves over Christmas and new year.

Cheese and Wine

This Christmas we are having a small gathering in the Club lounge from about 4pm for guests staying here at the Highland Club Self Catering Apartments  with cheese and wine selection available, if staff and management don't eat it all first.

 New Year Bash

I’m confident this New Year is going to be the best so far at the Highland Club! We are having a Ceilidh in the Atrium from 9 pm to 12 pm on Hogmanay with The Urban Natives who will play some seriously foot tapping Scottish /Irish folk music to get us in the party mood. The atrium is a lovely open space which offers the perfect place for a party or reception, overlooked by the angels from above. You can view some of the Abbey Church apartments here:

Burn it off!

We should remind you that the Gym is available for any guests here that need to burn off those extra Christmas pies and drams:  You can also check out our things to do page at for ways of burning the excess off. For those of you who aren’t feeling so energetic there is an endless choice of woodland walks and country strolls that you might enjoy. 

Better book soon

For those of you who missed the opportunity this year to escape to the Highland Club this winter solstice you might consider browsing our web site and holiday apartment portfolio at for 2015. We offer a range of immaculate self catering holiday rentals in a truly unique setting, short breaks as well as long stay holidays are also available! I recommend you check out availability as soon as possible as indications are that 2015 will be a busy year!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Homecoming Scotland at The Highland Club

What is Homecoming Scotland all about? Seems to me the clans are dispersed and this is the year for coming together again and having some fun. There are clan gatherings and Highland Games all over Scotland including Invergarry and Inverness right on our doorstep.

 You can also arrange your own mini highland Games here in The Abbey Grounds as a recent group Highland lassies did recently to add a competitive element  to their Hen Party.  Plenty of muscle bound men spectating, seemed to be a bit of role reversal there!
This and other sporting activities at the Abbey can be arranged by Monster Activities or Boots,n Paddles

You must be resident in the Abbey during this of course so you need a group self catering booking here. Some of our larger apartments may be suitable, for example the Chapter house will seat 10 for dinner in the  main dining and another 4 at the sitting room table

Now if you recognise the Tartan here or in any apartment on our website
just let us know and we will make sure your homecoming is very special, with Champagne to celebrate

Highland Games is not all about power sports like Tossing the Caber, there is music and dancing in a wonderfully traditional Scottish Style

And of course the Champions still undefeated......

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